Day 280. Haiku Catch Up

Monday, November 28 2011

Man, I’ve gotten behind. Let’s do this.

So, things are happening on my post from the other day. There are a ton of people coming to it and I get links where it is posted on various message boards, etc. As opposed to most of the crap I put on here, I had been mulling that post for a long time. I was just writing what I felt and what I had talked to others about, and I guess a lot of other people feel the same way, that’s encouraging for me personally.

Here is a screen shot of my blog’s stats page. I’ve purposefully not shown numbers, but look at the comparison. I was very happy with the number of views I was getting before the other day, but now those days look minuscule.

Also, I’m an avid reader of comments sections below articles and videos online. I must like to bring my faith in humanity down. I don’t know why I read them, they’re mostly argumentative and cruel, but, yes, I think of myself as an aficionado. Have you checked out the comments below my post? These are different commenters and they are wonderful. They are honest, thoughtful, and wholly uncruel.

I’m wondering the best way to follow up since there are so many comments and views. I feel like I owe a follow up response, but I’m not sure what that is yet. I’ll figure something out.

All of the sudden I am self aware about what I am writing because there is a much larger audience reading, although, I’m not sure they are reading past the one post. I thought to myself yesterday, “Jeff, did you write a post about Christianity and follow it up with a post about wanting to go to a fictitious cocaine party?” I am a fool.

Since there are some newcomers to the blog, let’s catch everyone up quickly. The best way to pull it off quickly is, of course, with haikus. Let’s get the old 5-7-5 rolling.


Moved to Hollywood

My beautiful wife stayed home

Road trip, beef jerky, Mentos


Friend’s parent’s house is home

For hopefully a short stay

Months now, squatter’s rights


Improv classes fun

Stand up shows Comedy Store

Almost a game show


Audition a lot

Handsomish, unhandsomish

In between always


Six weeks of wonder

Michelle has come, Jeff eats more

Michelle leaves, boo hoo


A job awaits me

Secretive computer store

The forbidden fruit


Make lots of good friends

Meet lots of strange characters

The Magic Castle


Michelle said, “Come home”

Host family said, “Yep. Sure. When?”

I will replace sheets


Move back to my wife

It’s where my house is my own

Dream is still alive


So, everything is clear then, right? Re-reading the haikus, it seems that my understanding of haikus is mostly just writing like a caveman would speak.



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2 responses to “Day 280. Haiku Catch Up

  1. Elise Davis

    Interesting and funny!

  2. Pilgrim

    Another haiku…
    Jeff left comfort zone
    Looking to find an outlet
    Found it in a blog

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