Day 283. “This is What Adults Do…”

Thursday, December 1 2011

I have this song I sing to myself sometimes. I don’t have a name for it, but here are the lyrics, “This is what adults do, it’s what adults do…” That’s it, I just repeat it a lot, it’s like a Rihanna song. I sing it when I’m doing something responsible. I do it to remind and mock myself  about doing adult responsibilities because the adult things often feel foreign to me. I can’t quite describe the melody because I’m tone deaf, but it’s something I could probably play on garage band. Side note: I realized today that for years I have had a rapper name for myself that I never fully acknowledged, it’s just been up there, only to come out in certain situations. I often call myself, J-Trippin’ when I’m making up a rap. Don’t steal it. Please.

Today, I was super responsible.

Here’s what I did:

-Canceled my CA health insurance

-Activated my MO health insurance

-Canceled my LA Casting account

-Canceled my Actor’s Access account

-Called my bank to let them know of my travel plans

-Got an oil change

-Got wiper blades

-Installed wiper blades

-Got new headlight bulb

-Batted my eyes at guy from Auto Zone

-Watched as man from Auto Zone installed headlight bulb

-Rented a carpet cleaner

-Forwarded my mailing address

-Washed car

-Vacuumed car

-Wrote letter of recommendation

-Wrote rider for Mystery Hour booking

-Filled out rebate for a printer

-Put registration stickers on car

-Texted the guy to find out where in DC the improv show I’m performing at will be.

-Obsessively watched the stats for my blog as it was a crazy exploding day on that front.

-Ate an entire sleeve of Milano cookies

Only Michelle can fully appreciate the magnitude of this list and the fact that I did all this. Filling out a rebate form alone is something I routinely do not do. As my record with BMG attests to, I’m not good at remembering that type of thing.

And, yes, I ate an entire sleeve of Milano cookies, sometimes you have to treat yourself…like a fancy adolescent.

Today alone was about 100 times as many views on this blog as I normally have in a day. I set a record for views in a month on my blog, and today is the very first day of December. People are giving way more thought to what I wrote and how I phrased things than I did when I wrote it. Something about that post was intriguing to people from all kinds of perspectives. Most everyone is nice, but it has also found it’s way on to some message boards. I have thoughts on all this, but I will hold off on them for now. Stay tuned.

I feel like I should have some sort of thoughtful response.


Because this is what adults do, it’s what adults do…

Good one, J-Trippin’



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2 responses to “Day 283. “This is What Adults Do…”

  1. leahface

    I have two rap names I alternate between depending on which posse I am in at the time:

    Plus: you win awards for being very adult.

  2. Nice job crossing that many grown up items off of your list in one day. I understand how satisfying it can be.

    I don’t have a rapper name. If I did, it would probably have “naked” in it.

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