Day 288. The Unsung Heroes List

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I’ve gotten a lot of nice messages from people who have been following along this past year and they have been really meaningful. This year has not been a monumental success in terms of “making it,” but it has been a huge success for me personally. Just like any success for anything, it has not been just me involved. Since I didn’t reach my goal of receiving an Academy Award, I haven’t been able to make an acceptance speech. Here are the thank you’s/unsung heroes who have helped make this year for me.

So, I present to you: My Thank You’s/Unsung Heroes List

-My host family. That is the terminology I have used for them since I started, but really, they’re my friend, Ross’s parents. I’ve known them since I was a little kid. They have let me stay at their place rent free for nearly ten months. That is insane, in a good way. I could not have done this at all without that. Honestly, I was planning on staying a few weeks, maybe up to a couple of months at most. I don’t even think they realize the extent of their kindness, it’s just so innate to them. They would even cook for me and remind me to wear my helmet and sunscreen.

-My iPhone. For a long time it was my best friend. Making my way around the city would have next to impossible without it, plus, it gave Michelle and I such a variety of ways to communicate. Invaluable, not just because I may, or may not have, worked for the iPhone company.

-My friends Josh and Andy, who live in Missouri and Iowa who would be deliberate about calling to see how things were going.

-Upright Citizen’s Brigade Theater. I met nearly all of my friends through taking classes there, and I did most all of my social activities there going to shows.

-Jeremiah. He was just a friend when I moved here, but turned into a really good friend during my time. Also, he has a TV with DVR and would record Iowa football games for me.

-Ross. We met in second grade. It’s good to have someone that you’ve known most of your life around.

-Danny. I don’t know why you click with people, but it’s nice when it happens. We met in improv class and have been in platonic love ever since.

-Heidi. Not only did I go on a ridiculous, epic, hike with her, but she was in all of my improv classes, has an equally awesome fiancé, an equally awesome house, and threw me a going away party.

-Gio. The first Greek person I think I’ve met in real life. I just love the guy. He’s super kind and is responsible for a lot of my social life. He introduced me to most of the members of the UN.

-Sean. A good friend, who is also the reason I became SAG-Eligible

-My job. I neeeeeeeeded a job when I got the one I had. It was a tiring job, but a really good fit for me (besides requiring a knowledge of computers). I met a lot of great people there.

-Evan and Kerstin. They fed me on Thanksgiving, and other, less festive occasions, and are good people.

My bike. My bike remained one of my best friends my whole time here. I had a week when I got here where I was really sad because I didn’t have any money, and anytime I went somewhere it cost me money to park. Then, I realized I could ride my bike almost everywhere. It changed everything.

-Health insurance. I didn’t know if I’d be able to get any, but I did, and it helped my peace of mind.

-The weather.

-Friends from home. Before I left, people gave me so much encouragement, and even money. Plus, they have helped Michelle out in my absence.

-The blog. It was so important for me to stay connected, and this little blog helped make that happen. Hearing from people on here on days when I would hardly talk out loud to anyone made a huge difference. Plus, I feel like I found my writing voice, and posting everyday would have to mean I got better too. Write? i’m sure I’m a better righter now.

-My friends of friends of friends. There are so many people who were willing to take me to lunch and help me make connections.

-My family in the OC. Oh man, to have a place to go where I could just be lazy, watch TV, with family, that felt like home was so meaningful. Also, my family generally, spread out everywhere.

-Grandma Joan. My fellow blogger and writing inspiration.

Catherine. She is who I met on the plane when I came to visit last fall, and her encouragement had a huge part in me coming out here. Plus, she took me around the Community set and fed me. Also, she got me my audition at Community my second week here, which turned out to be the biggest audition I had.

-My car. Nevermind, I don’t want to jinx my drive home.

-Craigslist ad. That is how I first got hooked up at the Comedy Store.

-Michelle. What can I say? I was recently looking through some cards and videos of when I first left home and first arrived. I actually have video of me pulling away. You guys, it’s heartbreaking, I couldn’t watch it until I knew I was coming back. Michelle is waving and staying strong but is also so sad. To let me go do this is one thing, to not be mad at me is another, to actively encourage me is something altogether different. I can’t believe she let me do this, I just can’t believe it. She is something special. She should win a wife of the year award, but I don’t know of any. I’ll make one. The 2011 winner of the Mystery Year Human Wife of they Year Award goes to…Michelle Houghton for her work in “The Irresponsible Husband.” (I first typed ‘human wife’ to emphasize that she should win human of the year and wife of the year, but it ended up sounding like there are other categories of wife. Robot Wife of the Year, Antelope Wife of the Year…)

-The Academy.

Before moving here, I hadn’t really put myself in the position to need other people’s help very often. It was uncomfortable for me at first, but I really recommend it. Honestly, being self sufficient is over rated, you miss out on really connecting with people. Jeremiah and I were talking today about how helpful people are in LA, you would never know it from the stereotypes, but it is true.

There are so many things to add to this list, and I’m probably forgetting most of them. I know for certain that there are a lot more people out there that I haven’t mentioned. Lay off, I’m hopped up on DayQuil, Sudafed, Ibuprofen, and Lean Pockets.

*By the way, look at that picture at the top of the post. Doesn’t that look like a fake, stock photo of a party? It was actually my party. I had a stock photo worthy party.


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