Day 289. Roadtrip! Again!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Well, I left today. It was eerie. My host parents were out of town, so I finished packing, said goodbye to Monet, the dog, and piled everything in my car. As much as moving to LA was a torrent of emotions, this was strangely unemotional. Michelle called to ask how I was doing and I was like, “I’m fine, why?” This is not to say that I’m not going to miss everything, it was just more customary for me. Usually, the emotion of events hits me a little later. This just felt like it was my task today. It may also have been that I was originally planning on leaving Tuesday, so I had a whole day, plus the previous weekend to process.

It also helps when you’re going home to see your wife.

I walked over to the Beautiful Starbucks for old times sake and said goodbye to the beautiful people. Then I stopped at In-N-Out to get a burger animal style because it’s such an LA thing to do. I still don’t get the In-N-Out craze, sorry. It’s better than average in terms of fast food, but it does not taste beyond fast food to me.

Then, I started driving. I made it all the way to Phoenix like it was nothing. In Phoenix, I stayed with my old friend, Chris, who I haven’t seen for 9 years. I like driving, I didn’t mind it at all.

Here are a couple of videos for you.

The first one is of my friends’ web series, The F-List. My friend, Gio, wrote it, and my friends, Sean and Beth star in it. I’m around in there doing nothing spectacular. Below is Episode 2. Check it out.
The F-List – 2nd Episode – Networking by flisttv

Also, remember, how I talked about being in a band meeting for the band Mute Math? They were in LA and I have a couple of friends in the band, so I was hanging out with them as they were trying to accomplish the enormous task of coming up with, and making a video the next day? Well, they did it. I will take all the credit for it, even though I had nothing to do with this idea.




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2 responses to “Day 289. Roadtrip! Again!

  1. I don’t get In-N-Out Burger either, but I got dragged there by fanatics when I was visiting LA a few years ago. I’m a vegetarian so I just had fries and a shake.

    I’ve really enjoying going back over posts in your blog and will probably be consulting it again in the future when I get closer to moving to LA. I like reading about your story because I live in the Kansas City area and am currently saving up money and taking some classes here before I move to LA.

    Welcome back to the Midwest!

  2. Travel safely! I hope to see you soon. It just feels right to have you back in MO. 🙂

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