Day 290. AZ-TEX, not Aztecs

Thursday, December 2011

Phoenix to Amarillo, sounds like a country song. It was a gorgeous drive, there was a forest of cacti, a veritable forest I tell you. It was about a 12 hour day, plus 2 hours in a God forsaken outdoor mall in Albequerque. I stopped by an Apple Store because my home button on my iPhone has been acting a little funny. They did a restore on my phone. It took forever as I sat in a Good Personality Starbucks.

I made it to Amarillo around 11:30, but I decided that I needed to prioritize going to a line dancing bar. I looked around and found one that was described as dive-ish called Rumors. Sounds saucy. So, I went, no big line dancing escapade to be had. I had a drink and left. The best part was a handwritten sign that said, “Stop stealing our glasses, or we’re going to have to raise prices. The Management.” Then, on my way to the hotel, I discovered a bar near where I was at called the Spotted Pony, with a big horse out front, but I was too wiped to go in. I also saw one called Cheetahs, but that’s not a cowboy animal and I have my suspicions that it is not even referring to the animal at all.

I’m writing this Friday morning. In a few minutes, I will be on my way home. My next stop will be my house. Here’s what I’m excited about:

-Michelle. Obvious.

-Sammy and Lucy, our two dogs, Lucy will freak out with excitement, and Sammy will be nervous around me for a week.

-No water pressure shower. I’ve been spoiled with an amazing shower for 10 months now, ours at home is much suckier, but it is ours.

-My couch.

-My bed.

-Clothes. I only packed some of my clothes when I moved, I’m excited to see the others, although the others are probably just thrift store pick ups.

-The way the bottom part of the side door catches sometimes on the door frame.

-The slightly chipping paint on the garage door.

-My side of the bed.

-Hanging my coat up on my hook.

-Our loud furnace being loud.

-My in-laws cooking us dinner and sitting and talking.

-My parking spot in our driveway.

-The little box where I put my keys.

-Hearing the dogs bark because they want back in from outside.

-Our neighbor, Catherine, who talks too much.

-One block from Walgreens

-One block from Red Box

-Heading to Gailey’s on Saturday morning.

-Skinny Improv


-Our recycling monster in the garage


-Waking up next to my wife, instead of my computer.

Sidenote: Did you know that the continental breakfast at the Baymont Inn and Suites ends at 9:30. Did you know that at 9:33 they are shut down and there is no shred of evidence that there was ever any food there?


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  1. Hmmm – I didn’t see “visiting with the Gonzales'” on your list. I see where your priorities are. You’ll have to wait, anyway. We have plans this weekend.

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