Day 292. Let’s Do Nothing. Together.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

My first day back in my old life, with my old lady. Just kidding, I don’t use that term, but people do. I slept the heck in this morning, like I haven’t for months and months. We got to do our Saturday morning routine that we haven’t been able to do in a really long time. We slept in, then drove down to Gailey’s, our favorite downtown breakfast place. Favorite because it has good food and good atmosphere, and also favorite because we each have a menu item named for us. Then, we strolled around downtown to see what was new. I stopped in the Skinny Improv because they have a new space I haven’t seen yet. We walked up and someone greeted us like we were there to see a show. It was nice, and it made me sad, they didn’t know who we were. The space is nice and bigger than I expected.

Then, we went to the grocery store. You see, when you’ve been away, everything is exciting. Doing something together like grocery shopping is something Michelle and I call a “mundate,” a mundane date. Sometimes, they’re the best thing ever. Plus, we got to go to a Hy Vee. For those of you that don’t know what a Hy Vee is, well, imagine the best grocery store you’ve been to, then multiply it times ten. Hy-Vee is an Iowa company and I watched as it slowly migrated southward waiting for it to arrive in Springfield. It finally arrived after I moved. People ask me what is so great about it and I don’t really have an answer, it is just the grocery store of my childhood, and is also way better than any other.

After the excitement of that, we came home and ate, and then went to the new Muppets movie.

Today was just about soaking in the being back elation, it didn’t matter what we did.


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  1. That’s awesome, Jeff. Soak it in, man. The struggles of life will call attention to themselves soon enough.

    And when you get free, I’m buying at Coffee Ethic if you want to hang out.

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