Day 309. Yes, I Actually Made That

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When I first moved to Springfield in 2003, I had to look for a job for awhile. Springfield, like most places, it really helps to know people, and when I first moved, I didn’t know anybody, besides Michelle. Eventually, I started getting creative, or as some might say, “desperate.” I called the Chamber of Commerce and scheduled a meeting with the president, which says more about him, than it does me. My most despecreative move was when I got the idea to rent billboard space. I saw a phone number on an empty one and called them up.

I had this conversation with the guy on the other end.

Man: Hello.

Jeff: Yeah…hi…this may sound weird…but…I’m wondering about billboard space.

Man: You’ve called the right place.

Jeff: Yeah, what does it cost?

Man: It’s $700 a month.

Jeff: Oh, that’s reasonable.

Man: Yeah, it’s a competitive price.

Jeff: So, I could just get it for one month?

Man: No, you need a one year contract.

Jeff: Oh.

Man: Yep

Jeff: Are there discounts if you just want to get a billboard to get a job?

Man: Hee hee, well, son, no.

So, I went back to the old fashioned way. Although, if the billboard paid off, $700 would have been worth it.

A lot has changed since then. You don’t need to get a billboard anymore to get a job. Now, you can just make a website. So, that’s what I did.

Check out

Yes, it’s kind of a dumb idea, but also mostly an awesome idea. Here’s the thing. I know a lot of people in Springfield now and I wanted to get the word out that I’m looking. As I was preparing to send out a bunch of e-mails and attach my resume, I decided it would help if I provided more information than just a resume. Thus, HireJeffHoughton was born.

The website is mostly straightforward, but also a fair amount of tongue in cheek as well. I don’t take myself seriously enough to feel comfortable making a website full of resume type language. You know what I mean, I can only handle so much, “excel at” and “coordinate” and “Led diverse team of employees on team building exercises utilizing unique skills.”

So, check it out and tell everyone you know to check it out.

We can do this, people, we can get me a job. This is our time down here!



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3 responses to “Day 309. Yes, I Actually Made That

  1. cari

    jeffy- how about links to your other various websites on the hirejeffhoughton one? I don’t think I see any.

  2. Ron and Leslie Carrier

    I’m good friends with Lisa Medley and she sent us your job search webpage, which is brilliant, I think! I am on the Board of Trustees for the Springfield-Greene County Library District and they are currently in the search for a Foundation and Development Director. If you’re interested, check out the library website at:

    I don’t know if this interests you or not, but your outgoing personality and many community contacts would be a huge plus!
    Good luck to you and welcome home to Springfield!
    Leslie Carrier

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