Day 317. Response to Readers’ Comments

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another thing I haven’t done for awhile, respond to readers’ comments. I apologize to my fan. The best commenters on the Internet deserve responses.

In response to my post about rules for guys’ bathrooms, Kyle wrote:

“What are the rules regarding troughs?”

Yes, the trough, I forgot to mention it. Otherwise known as the football game bathtub, they’re most often found at big sporting events where the planners decided that men peeing are the exact same thing as cows eating. Troughs are humiliating. The number one rule of troughs is the same as the garbage disposal. If by chance you drop something in the trough, don’t go in after it, you will lose an appendage.

In response to my piece on Stephen Bloom’s piece in the Atlantic bashing Iowa, Nina wrote:

“you know, my folks live about a block from bloom and when i lived with them in high school and would walk my dog people constantly asked me about hunting. oh, wait. that never happened.

well said, jeff. as always you are articulate and thoughtful.”

Nina, commendable use of sarcasm, and may be the most appropriate responds to Bloom’s piece.

In response to my response to the 20 Things You Want to Hear a Christian Say post, Kate wrote:

“The Hitler thIng actually has a (satirical) theory behind it–Godwin’s law (’s_law).Sort of like the idea that enough monkeys on enough typewriters would eventually create War and Peace, if your Internet conversation happens long enough, SOMEBODY is bringing up Hitler. Hazards of the blogging genre :)

That’s really funny. I think the contentious comment sections of the Internet is the opposite of what it is like for a girl in junior high, everyone says exactly how they feel to your “face.” No one is pretending to be your friend, they are mostly happy to be your enemy.

Jason wrote this about me moving home:

“That’s awesome, Jeff. Soak it in, man. The struggles of life will call attention to themselves soon enough.

And when you get free, I’m buying at Coffee Ethic if you want to hang out.”

Wait, I saw you at the Coffee Ethic, I just forgot to ask about the you buying thing.

From Cari:

“I find it funny that you said you paled in comparison :)

Burn from my sister.


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