Day 318. Commercial Analysis: Geico

Thursday, January 5, 2012

What’s the deal with commercials? Do they really convince you of anything, or do you just zone out completely when they come on? The thing is that each detail of each commercial is carefully crafted, discussed, and decided upon. After they are shot, they are analyzed again to make sure that the 30 seconds they’ve created accurately portrays their company. After all, time slots are expensive, this spot had better be good, effective, and exactly what they wanted.

So often, I watch a commercial and think, “What were they thinking?”

And yet, I know that they’ve surely gone through this involved planning process.

So, I like to imagine what the discussion was like that led to the commercial.

Last night, I was watching football and came upon one of those commercials. It was a Geico commercial that I had never seen before, but it aired a lot during the game. I decided I would present for you the discussion that led to the Geico Caveman/Cheerleader commercial.

Here is the spot:

The Geico advertising board room discussion:

Chuck: “Ooh, this deadline is creeping up. What if we did a commercial where we put a guy in a cheerleader’s outfit.”
Peter: “That sound hilarious, Boss, but who will we get to do it?”
Chuck: Let’s get a caveman, we still have those right?”
Peter: “Perfect! We do still have those, but won’t it be confusing if he is a man, who is a caveman, and in a cheerleader’s outfit? Why does he have to be a caveman?”
Chuck: Because we have those, it will make sense.”
Peter: “Should we get a recognizable football player for the caveman to talk to?”
Chuck: “Nah, we can’t afford recognizable, that damn CGI lizard took up all of our ad budget. I’m thinking a completely unrecognizable player.”
Peter: “How will people know who the player is?”
Chuck: “The caveman will explicitly say it.”
Peter: “You are a genius!”
Chuck: “And get me the 5 Hour Energy production people to make the spot, I want it to look almost professional.”


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One response to “Day 318. Commercial Analysis: Geico

  1. Pilgrim

    Pig on a zipline is another one that they really had to put some thought into. WHHHEEEEEEEEEEE!

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