Day 325. Jon Hamm and I Agree on Things

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I was listening to a podcast today. I love podcasts. I’m a glutton for information, stories, and interviews. Today, I was listening to WTF with Marc Maron. Marc Maron is a stand up comic, and he interviews other comics and actors. His interviews go for a long time and very in-depth. One thing I really love is hearing comics drop the facade of humor and talk in a very real way, and Marc does an awesome job of making that happen.

He interviewed Jon Hamm recently and I loved it (listen to it here). Yes, I’m aware that Michelle would leave me for Jon Hamm in an instant, but I still like him. Maybe it’s because he was a colleague on Mad Men, by colleague I mean that I was an extra on Mad Men, by extra I mean that I was in a scene that he wasn’t in. That’s partly what was so cool. Jon Hamm was an extra in his day. I love hearing those stories. Everyone starts out on the same playing field, if you keep at it, and become ridiculously good looking, you can make it.

He also talked a lot about growing up in St. Louis, and spoke about something that I experienced. He had to learn to be okay with promoting himself. He had to get over his Midwest upbringing of not being that way. That is something I struggled with in Hollywood, and something I struggle with just being in entertainment, it was great hearing that verified by Jon Hamm. I may have to do a post analyzing that sometime. I wonder why that is in the Midwest, but it is definitely true. I bristle at other people’s attempts at self promotion. I still like being promoted, I just like others to do it. That bristling was starting to peel away while I was in LA, it’s a necessity there, but still felt odd to me.

Anyway, I would really suggest listening to it. In addition, I would suggest reading Jenna Fischer’s blog post, I linked to awhile ago on her experience starting out in LA. They are both right on and fascinating.


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