Day 327. Lower Ceiling, More Opportunities

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Some of my recent posts have been real downers, so I’m going to look at a positive. Here is a great thing about being back, and I mean this sincerely, I have way more immediate opportunities here. Obviously, the ceiling is higher in LA, but I was desperately working and working for the chance to do some of the things I get to do here. Here are some examples, from just the last two weeks alone.

-So, I have an idea for a podcast (hopefully, I’ll tell you more about it later). In Springfield, I know who to talk to about the idea to get some expertise on the matter. I Facebook the news director for the local NPR station, who I had on The Mystery Hour, and So There I Was. She meets me for coffee, and we talk about the idea, and I’m actually going into the station tomorrow to be interviewed about my last year. Whoever the news director in LA is would probably never have returned my calls. In addition, I called another guy who produces a radio show that podcasts their stuff. We’re going to talk this week.

-Last week I e-mailed a friend who lives in a nice old house, because I had an idea for a Mystery Hour commercial. He got back to me and said, “Sure, but you may prefer my sister’s house.” It turns out his sister’s house is one my favorite big old houses around, and was the perfect location, so we shot it a few days later. Plus, I just called up my friend, Frank, who has a nice camera, and he was willing to come out and shoot. A few days before that, I talked the idea over with my friend, Brandon, an excellent filmmaker. In LA, I didn’t know a single person with a big old house, and if I did, they would have been the type of people that can afford big old houses in LA, and wouldn’t have spoken to me.

-Last week, I e-mailed a friend who is a host of a morning radio show, he invited me to come on in a few days. I overslept one day and came in the next. In LA, even the radio people are super hot, and thus, would not have talked to me.

-I did a stand up show two weeks ago, and I’m going to do another one next week. Why? Because I was asked to do them. In LA, I literally paid to do stand up shows and then hoped that I could sell enough tickets to make my money back.

-I put on my show, So There I Was…a Storytelling Series. You know who came out to that? Fans. People who have come before, liked it, and came back. In LA, I only had friends that came out, here I had fans, as in, people I don’t know personally. In a year, I bet I would have been able to acquire one fan in LA.

-I’ve been the talent in a commercial, that I was called to be in. There is no such thing in LA, yes, there are commercials, but no, guys like me do not get called to be in them.

-I’ve got to do improv shows. In LA, I got to do 3 of them, because I took 3 classes, and each class had a showcase show at the end of them.

-I got the weird idea to make a video application for a meteorologist’s job. Here, I sent it on to some people I know who work at that news station, in LA, I still would have sent it on the news station and they would have thrown it in the pile of weird video applications for meteorologist jobs.

All of those examples happened in just the last two weeks. I really liked the striving and the trying in LA, and I really liked that the skies the limit, but I also found it creatively constipating. I really love that I know so many talented people here that when I have an idea, I can collaborate with them. Plus, I know people who have nice houses, not just struggling actors in their twenties and thirties. I love having an idea, and having the means to carry it out. Take heart, people in small or mid-sized cities, there are advantages to being there when you’re doing creative things.



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2 responses to “Day 327. Lower Ceiling, More Opportunities

  1. Have you considered running a kickstart? (

  2. Yes, Kickstarter is a fantastic idea, and our friend B Good has used it previously with success.
    I am very happy with how our shoot came out, I cannot wait for it to go public!

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