Day 335. Random Tidbits

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It’s time for some random tidbits.

-On Saturday, Michelle and I got creative in terms of doing something cheap. We’re trying to not spend money, so it limits what we can do. Or, does it? We decided to invent a new date game, called, Let’s Go Into Places We’ve Never Gone to Before. We just chose a busy road and kept our eyes open for places that we haven’t been to before. You know how there are places that you drive by and think, “I’ve always wondered what that place looks like on the inside.” We went to those places. We first went to a place called Hooked on Books, and we ended up making $40 selling books we happened to have in our car. We also went to an antique store, a candy store, and a bird store.

-Oh, and we invented a great used book store game, where each person picks out a romance novel, then on the count of three, whoever can find a sex scene first wins. To punish the loser you then read what you find, at least that’s what I did, Michelle refrained.

-I came across a video of Ira Glass, the host/producer/journalist from This American Life. He’s talking about what it’s like being a producer for his first movie. The movie is called Sleepwalk With Me and is based on the memoirs of comedian Mike Birbiglia. I really like both of those guys. Ira talks a lot about things that I learned in LA.

-I spent an hour applying for a job today. Not because I hadn’t prepared my resume or anything, but because each time you apply for a job these days you have to go to the company’s website and type in your education information, previous employer, address, phone number, supervisor’s name, supervisor’s title for each job you’ve had. Then, you have to attach your resume. How redundant and time consuming is that? I’ve thought about showing how I value time efficiency by not applying, but I don’t think that communicates what I want it to, it may actually communicate nothing at all.

-Saturday was the tryout for the Springfield Wolfpack, semi professional football team. It has been two years since I tried out.

-Michelle and I saw Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close in a quiet, sparsely populated theater.

Also, an old Young Life friend of mine posted this video on his Facebook page. It’s a short video highlighting the lives of Mike and Michelle Zegarski. Mike formerly worked for Young Life. I didn’t really know him, but he did entertainment at various camps, and he and his program team overlapped my first time doing entertainment at Castaway Club in 2001. Mike was a strong, active, and funny guy from what I remember. This video highlights how one night Michelle hurried him to the ER because of a massive headache to find that his brain was bleeding, he was rushed to emergency surgery, and with that everything changed. The video highlights their lives now. Their story is both tragic and inspiring at once. I don’t expect strangers to necessarily donate money, but I feel compelled to share.


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