Day 336. The World Premiere of the First Mystery Hour Commercial

Monday January 23, 2012

I’ve been debating about whether to share this yet, or not, but, like everything else, I end up just throwing it on here for everyone to see. As I’ve mentioned, The Mystery Hour will be coming back. I’m in the process of getting the band back together, as it were. I just tried to get my guitarist back, and his wife, who happened to be Aretha Franklin, started singing about how she wanted him to think about his decision. She even had back up singers and dancers, it all seemed a little too choreographed.

I decided to make a commercial that I had been thinking about for awhile. I told Michelle about it and she said, “Don’t you have to have a show before you have a commercial?” I said, “Nah, nah, nah, that’s not what I learned in Hollywood.” In Hollywood, you make something first and then figure out the details later.

The Mystery Hour used to have the tagline, “Springfield’s Best and Only Late Night Talk Show.” We also had, “Two Cards Short of Being Buzzworthy,” based on one negative reviewer’s words. Now, we’re going on the road as well, so it couldn’t be Springfield or inside joke specific. So, I made up a new tagline, “Cool, but not too cool.” I wanted people to know that we are indeed cool, but we’re not cool cool. I want to do a series of commercials.

Anyway, here it is. The world premiere of the first Mystery Hour commercial.



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3 responses to “Day 336. The World Premiere of the First Mystery Hour Commercial

  1. That seems to epitomize you and your entire shindig.

    I like it.

  2. Jamie

    Oh, that really made me laugh out loud! Love it.

  3. Beautiful my friend. If I knew NOTHING about the Mystery Hour, this would peak my interest and drive me to see it.

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