Day 339. Heard Back From an Interview

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I got up this morning and drove back from Spencer, Iowa with Jeff J. Like a dad, Jeff said we should leave at 7:30. Like a kid, I said, “But I don’t wanna.” We compromised and settled on 7:30.

I heard back from the job I interviewed for last week. I did not get the job. I thought it was very nice that they called to say they filled it. I was hoping that they would call to offer it, so I would have the agonizing problem of deciding if I should take it. The job was to be the director of fundraising for the local library system. The interview went very well. I think I was a little under qualified experience wise, but I felt capable for it (you hear that future potential employers?). I charmed them in the interview, by the end of it, the interviewers were laughing as I told a story about falling asleep in the library in college (chronicled here). That’s the main point of an interview, right? Right? Well, one interview down.

Let’s update the scoreboards for the past year:

Springfield Job Search

Jeff: 0 The Man: 1

LA Job Search and Auditions

Jeff: 7 The Man: 643

But, as they say, fall down 7 times, get up 8. Which, makes no sense, unless you were down to start the proceedings.

I did get a part time job, sort of. I have a friend, Frank, who buys and sells things for a living. Seriously, he does. He’s savvy. He’s like a modern day Art Vandelay, fictitious importer/exporter from Seinfeld. A few years ago, a couple of motorcycle dealerships were going under, so Frank bought their inventory and fixtures and parts. You know, like people do. He has slowly been selling things from the heist, excuse me, I mean legitimate purchase, but he still has a warehouse full of stuff. So, I’m going to be taking pictures of things, writing ads, and putting things on Craigslist for him, or as I’ll say on my resume, performing duties as Director of Marketing and Advertising. The kicker? They’re all motorcycle parts. I know about as much about motorcycle parts as I do Apple products. The year of learning continues. As they say, “Necessity is the mother of doing a job you’re not quite qualified for.”


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  1. And you are doing a fine job! I have never been compared to Art Vandelay, although, I was a fan of his. In addition to your current title, I also just promoted you to the “Director of business Development” this morning.

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