Day 340. Maximum Effort for a Year

Friday, January 27, 2012

This morning, I woke up and went to work for my friend, Frank. By went to work, I mean, I went to his house, and talked to him at his dining room table. After that, I hurried over to an art gallery to interview a guy for 417 Magazine. After doing photography for years, which he still does, he decided to just start making documentaries too. He’s been very successful. I’ll post the article when it’s published. I often think about how much I would like to make documentaries, and then I also think about how difficult it would be to make one in terms of committing yourself to a project for a few years. But, I really like the idea of making them.

I have a friend, Doug, who also just up and decided to start making a documentary. Doug is a graphic designer/artist, and just decided a documentary needed to be made about the linotype machine, which is a machine that graphic designers revere, and was once one of the most important machines out there, but is now mostly relegated to museums, even though it was just recently very important. Doug set out to make the documentary with the help of my friends, Brandon and Jess.

The movie is now going to premiere next week in New York City.

Doug’s journey of uprooting his life mirrored mine in both audacity and timing. I haven’t talked to Doug real recently, but I have talked to Jess and Brandon, and they both said that although Doug is very excited, he’s also exhausted from the process at this point. I haven’t been working in a tunnel on one project, but it has been similar, and I too, am exhausted. Jess said something the other day about Doug having to put forth maximum effort for a year, and I can relate to that.

I look forward to relaxing in the real sense, not having free time when I’m not working, because, for the most part, my free time is spent working in some way. Sometimes, I need a vacation from my mind, or a vacation from my drive, or just money will do.

Here is the website for Doug’s film:


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  1. The film looks awesome! Congrats to your friend. As a filmmaker of sorts myself, I apsire to accomplish a documentary someday. Ideas abound, but unfortunately I’ve found myself mirred in the world of making wedding films. Absolutely, my job requires skill and technical know-how, and I pride myself on actually making entertaining films and not just boring “videos,” but it’s not what I intended to do with my life. It was supposed to be a short layover on my way to the big time. Now I’m going on my fourth year of doing it. It’s inspiring to see the projects people make when their passion can no longer be contained and they say Enough! I must make this film! And they do it.

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