Day 341. The House Came Down!

Saturday, January 29, 2012

Well, it finally happened. I’ve been hoping for something for a long, long time, and it finally happened. I had pinned my dreams and aspirations to it, and it finally came true. No, I did not make it big in Hollywood, and no, I did not find a job. The abandoned house across the street got demolished, and I was here to witness it. I chronicled the saga with this house, here. To recap, there is a house across the street from us that has been abandoned for a few years, this was fine. Then, in September, they had some heavy machinery come out and gash two big holes into the side of it that were just left as is. When I arrived home in December, I was appalled that they were still there, so like any good elderly neighbor I called the city on them. In response, I noticed a piece of paper posted, designating it a dangerous building. Last week, I got very, very excited because some guys came over and sawed some trees down and left a big orange dumpster in the yard. So, I waited, and waited, and waited for an answer to what it all meant.

Today, it finally came.

I had a few friends over to watch The Rock, for a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 style show we do with Nicolas Cage movies. Then, I saw it, some kind of manly machine pulling up, followed a short while later by another manly machine (painted teal). I do not know the names of these machines because I am only a man in anatomy. I kept one eye on Cage’s masterful performance as Stanley Goodspeed, and one eye across the street. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I ran across the street to talk to the guys. One of the guys was on the teal beast, so I approached the other one.

Jeff: “You guys tearing this down today?!”

Guy: “Yep, it’s his property, he just had me over to drink some beers, and help him.”

Jeff: “Cool. Don’t tell him that I’m the one who called the city.”

The guy in the teal beast waves excitedly. Everyone is excited for this place to come down. It just so happens that they were about to start the festivities. Luckily, since they weren’t real contractors, they didn’t care that we stood dangerously close.

Here is a photo essay:

I’m telling you, there is something primal about seeing something destroyed. I was excited because I had been waiting for it for awhile, and that I happened to be home when it happened, but also because of some deeper force that just wanted to see a machine force a building down with brute strength.

I even got video. You can see my excitement at the end, see if the excitement translates through the computer.



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2 responses to “Day 341. The House Came Down!

  1. And they say nothing exciting happens around here…

  2. leahface

    I will forever hold this house dear to my heart because of the many fantastic rounds of Grassy Balls played in the overgrown yard at your birthday a few years back. RIP.

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