Day 351. Job Search Whining

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Editor’s note: So, I wrote this late at night the other night. I put it up, then after an hour I took it down. It was too sad and cynical. But, I do want to be honest. I haven’t written one before that I took down. I feel more comfortable with it now that I’m feeling better. You know what I mean? If it’s in the past, I can justify it as the past. So, whatever, I was a big whiner the other day. Today I’m cool.

I ain’t going to lie, the job search is wearing on me. Usually, I try to craft a cohesive essay, today, I think I may just word vomit.

I took different proficiency tests today for temp work at a place. They took like two hours. It was all online, and I was tested for data entry speed, typing speed, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Word. It was excruciating. The Excel and Word tests were the worst because it gave me a task that I had to complete. Fair enough. However, if I clicked on the incorrect button just as I was looking around, I got it incorrect. I had two chances to get it right. Do you know how hard that is in Excel? They were asking complicated stuff. I know how to use Excel, but I’m going to click on the wrong button as I’m looking around. Did I get on the internet and find the answers? No way, this is the first I’ve heard of that idea.

Here’s the thing. I’m looking up temp work and substitute teaching, which is the same thing I was looking up nine years ago, when I first moved to Springfield. Nine. Surely, minus last year, my career has advanced. It’s just a very humbling feeling to be looking for work doing the same menial things I did nine years ago. I like the non-profit world, but I think that if you want to be able to make a real living at it, you get into the fundraising realm, which is something that does not exactly excite me. My former job with the blood center seems to qualify me for non-profit or sales, since I worked with people and new businesses setting up drives (a salesy element to the job). Sales does not excite me. I’ve started to wonder if I could do sales, just approaching it as a job and as a game. I wonder. I don’t think I could sustain it, but could I do it for a little bit?

Here’s my message to the kids, train yourself at a very young age to be passionate about practical things. Being passionate about the arts and helping people does not make a career for you. Yikes, how cynical was that? Kids, don’t listen to that, just be born with an abundance of talent. More cynicism. Kids, keep a good relationship with your parents, you can stay on their health insurance until you’re like 26 now.

If you are a potential employer that has stumbled on to my site, I’m not usually this way.

I guess in LA I was cool with getting a job doing whatever, it didn’t quite feel like real life. It was about the adventure, and if I got some weird job, it only added to that. In Springfield, I have a little more standing, so I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case as much. People have sent me a lot of great ideas for jobs, I’ve applied for some of them, as well as others on top of that. Keep ’em coming, they’re useful.

One of the internal struggles is feeling above certain jobs. I cringe writing that, because on principal, I’m against that concept, so I don’t like it when I recognize it in myself. I guess it can also be described as just having standards. It’s just one of those things that you don’t really have to address when you’re settled in to your job and your life, but you have to examine when you’re not settled and you’re looking. Friday, I’m going to donate plasma, which I think is a euphemism for utter lack of standards, especially if you used to work at a blood center, where the paying centers are frowned upon.

Again, these are just my frustrated thoughts on the job search. Things aren’t bad generally. I like to be honest on here, and I think that looking for a job is a unique time, that brings unique challenges, and  unique opportunities to practice my griping.


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  1. That was a good vomit. It is health to do that once in a while, and no shame in it. I think the honesty (ups AND downs) is what keeps readers like me coming back for more. If your life is too beautiful, I cannot relate.

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