Day 357. I’ve Reached the Entering Contests Stage of Unemployment. Vote!

Monday, February 13, 2012

While watching the Super Bowl, I saw my favorite commercial, and it was a local one. You know, the point when you’re watching and they switch to local ads for a segment and somebody says, “How did So-and-So Local Business pay for a Super Bowl ad?” Everyone pretend laughs and has a grand old time. This year, the biggest commercial laugh came from a local car dealership. They are called Youngblood, and they’ve run commercials on local stations for years, mostly forgettable, except for the purpose of getting their tagline, “What A Place” across, everyone knows it. This commercial, however, was actually good.

The commercial served another purpose, announcing a competition to have viewers come up with their best “What a Place” video. The makers of the video with the most votes gets $1,000. I thought about if I had enough time with work, and everything, to come up with a video, when I remembered that I don’t have a job, and although it is just a contest, the outcome could closely resemble income.

So, I went about thinking of an idea.

Nothing came to me.

I talked to my friend, and temporary boss, Frank.

Then, at 10 o’clock pm, we just decided to shoot the half of an idea we had come up with.

I’ve embedded it so that you can watch it here, however you have to go to their website to vote. Show the world that dreams are possible, and by dreams, I mean, splitting $1,000. You can vote once everyday through the 23rd. One of the suckers has like 1,100 votes already. We must show them that dreams can’t come true. I think if you have Facebook, you don’t have to register or anything.





To all my friends, yes, I acknowledge that it would be funny to vote for the other entries, just don’t be a jerk.



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2 responses to “Day 357. I’ve Reached the Entering Contests Stage of Unemployment. Vote!

  1. Not bad, but there’s one with a cute girl in it.

  2. We are only down by 1050 votes right now, no worries, we got this.

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